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Amy J. Klement
was born in New Jersey in 1968. Her early passion for languages, led her to study Arabic and Arab Studies at Georgetown University, from which she graduated in 1989.
After living in Egypt for a couple of years – street photography –, she went to New York City in the early 90s to follow her other passions: photography and costume design – which subsequently led her to the use of wire as a medium.
Since moving to Berlin in 1997, her work has evolved to include performance, sculpture, video and spoken word. In it, she poses questions about the significance and symbolism of shells, myths, numbers and mathematics with often ironic and/or feminist undertones. She also explores the practice of patience and handwork through her crochet interventions in public spaces.
The following selected works provide an overview of how she has brought these various threads together in recent years:

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2005: The Lorenz Manifold
2003-2004: Mother & Daughter Mermaids
A Seminal Monument
Platonic Forms
1999: Pregnant Mermaids
Human Shells: Michael, Judi, Janka & Judith
Babes the giant pink cockroach
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2007: ‘Prime Subtraction’
‘Dressing Matka Polka’
2006: ‘
Das Menetekel / The Writing on the Wall’ Video
The Anarchic-Crochet Circle
2005: ‘Traces of Identity’
‘The Baggage of the Body’
2003: ‘A Tale of Love’ with Philip Brehse & Susa Gunzer
2002: ‘This Fragile Shell’ – A Globe Crocheted in 3 Days
2001: ‘A Cosmos from the Chaos’ – Crocheting, Baking & Fairytales
‘A Tale of Water’ with Philip Brehse & Susa Gunzer
bild von klement
2004: There be Mermaids - Video
2003: Planeplaneta Americana
2002: Spinning Platonic
1998: Spinning Judi & Spinning Michael
1997: What the cockroach saw
bild von klement
Radio Interview:spacefemfm (in German) Mp3 Stream - Mp3 Download
bild von klement
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